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记叙文是记人叙事的文章,它主要是用于说明事件的时间、背景、起因、过程及结果,即我们通常所说的五个 W ( what, who, when, where, why )和一个 H ( how )。为此,我们为大家整理了中考英语作文记叙文写作妙技,快来查阅吧



1. 叙述的人称

英语的记叙文一般是以第一或第三人称的角度来叙述的。用第一称表示的是由叙述者亲眼所见、亲耳所闻的经历。它的优点在于能把故事的情节通过 我 来传达给读者,使人读后感到真实可信,如身临其境。如:

The other day, I was driving along the street. Suddenly, a car lost its control and ran directly towards me fast. I was so frightened that I quickly turned to the left side. But it was too late. The car hit my bike and I fell off it.

用第三人称叙述,优点在于叙述者不受 我 活动范围以内的人和事物的限制,而是通过作者与读者之外的第三者,直接把故事中的情节展现在读者面前,文章的客观性很强。如:

Little Tom was going to school with an umbrella, for it was raining hard. On the way, he saw an old woman walking in the rain with nothing to cover. Tom went up to the old woman and wanted to share the umbrella with her, but he was too short. What could he do? Then he had a good idea.

2. 动词的时态


3. 叙述的顺序


4. 叙述的过渡


In my summer holidays, I did a lot of things. Apart form doing my homework, reading an English novel, watching TV and doing some housework, I went on a trip to Qingdao. It is really a beautiful city. There are many places of interest to see. But what impressed me most was the sunrise.

The next morning I got up early. I was very happy because it was a fine day. By the time I got to the beach, the clouds on the horizon were turning red. In a little while, a small part of the sun was gradually appearing. The sun was very red, not shining. It rose slowly. At last it broke through the red clouds and jumped above the sea, just like a deep-red ball. At the same time the clouds and the sea water became red and bright.

What a moving and unforgettable scene!

5. 叙述与对话


I was in the kitchen, and I was cooking something. Suddenly I heard a loud noise from the front. I thought maybe someone was knocking the door. I asked who it was but I heard no reply. After a while I saw my cat running across the parlor. I realized it was the cat. I felt released.

这本来应是一段故事性很强的文字,但经作者这么一写,就不那么吸引人了。原因是文中用的都是叙述模式,没有人物语言,把 悬念 给冲淡了。可作如下调整:

I was in the kitchen cooking something. Crash! a loud noise came from the front. Thinking someone was knocking at the door, I asked, Who? No reply. After a while, I saw my cat running across the parlor. It's you. I said, quite released.


1. 头绪分明,脉络清楚

写好记叙文,首先要头绪分明,脉络清楚,明确文章要求写什么。要对所写的事件或人物进行分析,弄清事件发生、发展一直到结束的整个过程,然后再收集选取素材。这些素材都应该跟上述五个 W 和一个 H 有关。尽管不是每篇记叙文里都必须包括这些 W 和 H ,但动笔之前,围绕五个 W 和 H 进行构思是必不可少的。

2. 突出中心,详略得当


One night a man came to our house and told me, There is a family with eight children. They have not eaten for days. I took some food with me and went.

When I finally came to that family, I saw the faces of those little children disfigured (破坏外貌) by hunger. There was no sorrow or sadness in their faces, just the deep pain of hunger.中考英语作文范文[/page]

What are the factors that cause stress and how to cope with stress?   



• 休息的时间不够充足(inadequate leisure time),高压力和快节奏的生活方式(live a high-pressured, fast-paced lifestyle);时间和金钱管理不当(poor time and money management),不能 够同时兼顾家庭和工作(juggle work and family commitments) ; 对—些东西的专注性过高 (addictions),比如赌博(gambling)和股票(stocks);

• 环境的因素(the environmental factors)、工作(career concerns)、社会关系(social relationships) 和家庭问题(family problems)等;

• 想法或者对一些事情的态度(比如经济困难、学业困难、慢性病,甚至是小的事情)(thoughts / attitudes toward financial difficulties, academic difficulties, chronic illnesses, minor matters), 性格 (personality),可能有不切实际的期待(unrealistic expectations),对事情的处理方法(interpret events and situations)等   解决方法:

•养成好的习惯,比如合理的饮食有助于改善自身健康(proper eating contributes to feelings of well-being)、定期运动(exercise regularly);平衡好自己的责任和确立首要的事情(balance obligations and set priorities);

•习惯自己每天的生活,忽略一些问题的潜在影响(become accustomed to your daily activities and overlook their cumulative effect),养成良好的心态(nurture a good state of mind),争取减少 忧虑(block out worries);要有决断力(be assertive),将生活中的突变看作是正面的挑战,而 不是威胁(positive challenge, not a threat.);

•平衡家庭生活和工作生活(balance work and family);有闲难要及时寻求别人的帮助(turn to others for support),要处理好和其他人的矛盾(resolve conflicts with other people); 通过体育、 社交活动或者业余爱好来摆脱压力(release yourself from daily stresses with group sports, social events and hobbies):   

范文 Life today is filled with sources of stress, much of which cannot be avoided, When stress appears to be a lifelong problem to many people, how it actually forms remains a subject of controversy to many scientists. The objective of this essay is to outline both the sources of stress and appropriate ways of dealing with it.   Many stressors arise from people's circumstances. For example, the high-pressured and fast-paced lifestyle has made it unlikely for people to gain adequate leisure time. Failure to balance work and leisure causes them either to struggle with deteriorating health or to cope with psychological distress, e.g., anxiety and depression. Together with some other problems, such as disharmony with others, unpleasant work or living environment, it would increase stress to an unmanageable level. 

Another group of stressors is intertwined with personality, People interpret events or situations differently. A problem taken as a threat by many people might be accepted as a positive challenge to others, Evidence is inconclusive about the reasons behind this distinction, but it is widely believed that a person of a cheerful disposition is less likely to be heavily affected by adversity. Of equal importance is the ability to handle with some issues, such as time and money. Considering the role of personality in deciding the attitudes toward an issue and responses to an event, the effect of stress management skills actually varies from person to person. 

Methods to cope with stress are many, but the most effective ones are in fact not remote or complicated but accessible and practicable. People under stress are advised to participate more in recreational activities, adopt a sound dieting habit, and exercise regularly. They should learn to block out worries and try to keep the effect of a challenge in life to a minimum. Finally, it is important to nurture a good state of mind and to perceive things positively. 

As suggested above, environment factors can be taken as the sources of stress and people's personality determines the extent to which they are influenced by those factors. Adopting a healthy lifestyle and proper attitudes toward life can promote people's physical and psychological well-being and help them relieve stress.


1、 lifelong=lasting=enduring=all-time:永远的,终生的

2. form=develop=take shape:发展,形成

3. lifestyle=way of life=daily life=everyday life :生活方式

4. unpleasant=disagreeable: 使人不愉'快的,让人厌恶的

5. unmanageable=uncontrollable:不可控制的

6. interpret=understand=construe:理解,解释

7. cheerful=positive:乐观的,开朗的 .

8. disposition=character=temperament: 性格,品性

9. practicable=workable:可以实施的

10. block out二erase=forget=wipe out:抹去,忘记,消除